Now in our second decade, the Art Center continues to be the only free cultural program in this neighborhood that so desperately is in need of hope.

The impact the Art Center makes on kids’ lives is immeasurable. A safe place – in the most fundamental sense of the word “safe” – is where we start. From there we build hope and promise. Please be part of that hope and promise by making a financial contribution to the Art Center TODAY.

Your donation helps us keep kids safe. After eleven years, the Art Center remains free to EVERY KID who wants to be here. This included nearly 2,500 students last year. Ours is an environment free of violence. Physical and emotional well-being permeates everything we do.

Your donation allows us to provide a positive, creative outlet for young people’s talents. Our programs teach young people to use the visual arts as an instrument for self-expression. The Art Center empowers kids, giving them a voice while engaging them in high-order critical thinking. Your donation enables us to help kids build meaningful relationships. The Art Center’s structure, curricula, and internship programs foster collaboration and leadership. We focus not only on art-making but on helping young people grow into resilient and responsible civic-minded citizens.

Not every student who comes to us ultimately breaks the cycle of poverty or gangs or academic failure. Yet we continue to believe in the potential of every young person the Art Center encounters. Our teachers and staff are role models for kids who often don’t personally know many other adults who are worthy of their admiration. We provide a safe and inspiring place where anyone who chooses to can shine.

If you would like to partner with the South Chicago Art Center to help improve the lives of our youth by cultivating their imagination and supporting a place where positive aspirations and dreams can grow, make a tax-deductible donation online today or mail a check to the Art Center at 3217 E. 91st Street, Chicago, IL 60617.